Black & White Photo Challenge: Day 4

This shot is from the vaults. The short while I lived in Ventura, CA I had the opportunity to dive with Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara. For a little over a month, I & a group of under water photogs, spent most of our waking hours on the boat, diving & shooting or shooting topside. I am thankful for the opportunity to live on a boat in the ocean, to dive all day long everyday, and to photograph the amazing world that lives in our oceans. Here, a Common Dolphin breaches for air as it swims along side our boat “The Truth” that is in-route to Anacapa Island in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Common Dolphin, by Karie Henderson © 2008

Black & White photo challenge- Day 3

Day 3 of the Black & White photo challenge. I’ve wanted to add the challenge  of only using phone shot & processed photos. Today’s photo was shot with my #androidphone is a silhouette of Sean & I #dancing at a friends #birthday party in #brooklyn, #nyc.