Black and White Photo Challenge: Day 5

My last installment for the Black & White Photo Challenge. Thank you @driftingperspective for the nomination, it’s been a while since I’ve really worked in blk & wht. This image was made from on top of the Borobudur Temple in Java Indonesia at sunrise, looking east at Mt. Merapi, an active volcano. Like yesterdays challenge this one is also from the vaults, it was shot in color using Velvia 100 E-6 on a Nikon F100 in 2001, just prior to 911.

Sunrise view of Mt. Merapi, an active volcano, from the Stupa's of Borobudur Temple in Java, Indonesia.  Photo by, Karie Henderson © 2001

Black & White Photo Challenge: Day 4

This shot is from the vaults. The short while I lived in Ventura, CA I had the opportunity to dive with Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara. For a little over a month, I & a group of under water photogs, spent most of our waking hours on the boat, diving & shooting or shooting topside. I am thankful for the opportunity to live on a boat in the ocean, to dive all day long everyday, and to photograph the amazing world that lives in our oceans. Here, a Common Dolphin breaches for air as it swims along side our boat “The Truth” that is in-route to Anacapa Island in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Common Dolphin, by Karie Henderson © 2008